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Becoming Disciples through Bible Study  

Year 2000-2001, Core Team in Penang

The Core Team consists of members who facilitates teams of participants to the Becoming Disciples through Bible Study program. They meet to prepare the lesson materials for the participants, to share their insights and problems, and work together in a team to prepare for retreats, passover, and other functions. They offer support for one another in a community sharing the same goals - bringing the understanding of the Word of God to the participants, and letting the spirit of God work on them.

They meet together every week as core team members, and they meet with their participants the same week in their own groups as facilitators. This means that they have to meet for twice a week.

Core-Team 2000
At Church of the Holy Spirit, Penang

1. Aloysius Rayapan
2. Andrew Yeap
3. Connie Loo
4. Clare Chong
5. Joanna Lim
6. Lourdes Dass
7. Maria Yeap
8. Peter Chiyu
9. P. Savaridass
10. Vincent Arokiasamy
11. Winny Veronica Gabriel

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