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Becoming Disciples through Bible Study  


The bible was written a long, long time ago. What were the intentions of the writers? What were the meanings behind the rituals, symbols, and practices during those times? The subjects, the location, the events, the people, are all different from modern times. And yet we had a very clear message from our Lord Jesus Christ to make His Word our home. We know that God's Word is in the bible. How can we then make it our home?

The Disciples through Bible Study Program was officially started in Penang, Malaysia, in 1999 with the intention of allowing the Word of God to reach more Catholics. With the help of two facilitators from Kuala Lumpur, the program has already been proven to work very well, as it was designed to make use of techniques in group dynamics, audio, visual, sequential arrangement, references, maps, and meditation.

The program consist of:

3 hours per week of course work for 34 weeks guided by a facilitator
6 days per week of home study for 34 weeks on our own
2 periods of break
1 period of community passover meal
1 period of retreat

The Disciples through Bible Study Program informs minds as well as transform lives. It will not help you to remember and quote bible verses, but through the process of journeying for 34 weeks, the Spirit of God teaches us, transforms our thoughts and our lives. 

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