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Becoming Disciples through Bible Study  


Below are some photographs taken at Church of St. Anne, Bukit Mertajam, Penang on 14th - 16th January 2005, during the Retreat for the Northern English-speaking Disciples year 2004-2005:
A total of 32 participants from the various churches in the Northern region attended. They were from:
bulletChurch of the Risen Christ, Air Itam,
bulletChurch of Our Lady of Sorrows, Penang,
bulletChurch of the Infant Jesus, Balik Pulau,
bulletChurch of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Butterworth,
bulletChurch of the Sacred Heart, Kulim

Also in attendance were 7 facilitators, and 3 DAT members from Kuala Lumpur. The celebrant was Father Alex.

Some of the participants from Church of Our Lady of Sorrows with their facilitator, Jacinta Joseph.
Meal time
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