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Becoming Disciples through Bible Study  

 Passover 2006

Below were some photographs taken at Church of St. Michael, Alor Star, Kedah on 26th August 2006, during the Passover for the Northern English-speaking Disciples year 2006-2007. The time was from 1600 hrs to 2000 hrs. View more photographs here.

A total of 16 participants from the various churches in the Northern region attended. They were from:

bulletChurch of St. Michael, Alor Star,
bulletCathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang,
bulletChurch of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Butterworth,
bulletChurch of Christ the King, Sg Petani,

Also in attendance were 5 facilitators, namely, Sara Tan, Lucy Bridget, Suzan Marshall, Thomas Yoon and Jacintha Joseph. The celebrant was Rev. Fr. Jude Miranda.

Tasting the bitter herbs with haroseth.
The celebrant, Rev. Fr. Jude Miranda said, "Together, we will drink the first cup of wine."
Community joyous dance to the song, "Hava Nagila"
Everybody join in and enjoy the fun!
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