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Becoming Disciples through Bible Study  

The Study Manual serves as a guide for the participants.

Registration Fees  : RM10/=
Study Manual       : RM25/= (English)
                               RM25/= (Mandarin)

Testimonials from past Disciple Participants


The Study Manual

Each participant will receive a Study Manual. The study manual is used as a guide throughout the program.

Each part of the study manual has a specific function both in  daily preparation and in the weekly group meeting. The parts of the study manual are:

bulletTheme Word, that gives a clue to the subject of the lesson.
bulletTheme Verse, that expresses the focus of the lesson.
bulletTheme Title, that are descriptive of events or content for the lesson.
bulletOur Human Condition, that is a statement of who we are.
bulletAssignment, are indications of when to read the week's Scripture and when to read the study manual.
bulletPrayer, is the starting point for personal prayer that is done before each day's readings.
bulletThe Bible Teaching is a section that comments on the Scripture and draws meaning from it.
bulletMarks of Discipleship is a section that summarizes major characteristics of the disciple of Jesus Christ and emphasize the practice of discipleship. It also contains statements of whom we are committing ourselves to become as compared to the "Our Human Condition"
bulletIf You Want to Know More is a section that suggests other related information. 

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